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Stolen vehicle crashes into arcade that had been vandalized weeks ago | LevelUp

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A few weeks ago we told you about an arcade establishment in the United States that did not end 2021 in the best way, as a subject damaged the place on several occasions and destroyed several machines. Unfortunately, the arcade did not receive the year well either, as now a speeding van crashed into the establishment.

Sea Cave Arcade has experienced one of the worst months in its history. The recreational establishment in New Orleans, Louisiana, was linked to a new accident. Last night on January 12, a van full of teenagers and being chased by the New Orleans Police Department ended up crashing at the scene.

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As you can see in the images below, the crash was intense, because, according to the information, the vehicle crashed into the walls of the establishment at around 88 km/h.

Judah Lea, one of the owners of Sea Cave Arcade, reports that the driver jumped out of the moving vehicle and left his crew to their fate; After the impact, some began to flee.

Images via Sea Cave Arcade

Sea Cave Arcade accident left one person badly injured

The bad news is that the accident left some people in the car injured, apart from an employee who was outside the establishment and who, according to the report, received the worst part, since he was hit by the car and pushed through the wall.

The subject, whom Lea refers to as Goat, is a new employee of the business and a very good friend of the managers. Goat sustained many internal and orthopedic injuries. Moments after the accident, the wounded man was transferred to the University Medical Center, where he had already had an operation and more are expected to repair the damage caused by the dozens of broken bones and blood loss. The latest information known about Goat (January 14), is that he is in the intensive care unit receiving care 24 hours a day.

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Lea commented that a fundraiser is underway in GoFundMe to help the affected subject in relation to the expenses of his medical treatment. There has been a very good response, because at the time of writing the note, $11,249 USD has already been raised, but you should know that the figure is still far from the goal, $25,000 USD. If you want to support, you should know that you can still do it at this page.

“We ask that everyone keep Goat in their thoughts and at least wish him a speedy recovery. He is my friend, he has defended this place with all his heart and it is time for us to do the same. He is a good man.” who deserves better,” said Lea.

Sea Cave Arcade will temporarily close

In the message, Lea commented that Sea Cave Arcade will be closing its doors temporarily to do rebuilding work on the establishment, as well as using that time to mentally recover from what has happened to the business in the past month.

The manager of the Sea Cave Arcade made it clear that this new and unfortunate event is in no way related to the incident recorded in December, in which several machines were destroyed.

However, those in charge of the arcade made it clear that it is not a farewell, but that they promise to return with everything and hope that things are better.

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