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RUMOR: the long-awaited Persona 6 will be exclusive to PlayStation 5 | LevelUp

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ATLUS is a Japanese developer that has been known for launching the latest main installments of Person on PlayStation consoles. Despite this, there is always the possibility that the next game will also reach other platforms, especially Nintendo Switch and PC, but clues indicate that person 6 will continue with exclusive publication on PlayStation.

Everything seems to indicate that ATLUS is preparing for the announcement of the next title of its flagship franchise, person 6. There are no official details yet, but apparently we will know about it officially before the end of 2022 and an informant has just appeared who anticipates that this game will only come to Sony consoles.

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The informant in question is Nate the Hate, who is recognized on the scene for providing accurate information. In a broadcast (via Comic Book) took the opportunity to comment on his predictions for 2022 and ATLUS was in them, which has several announcements in plans that would lead to the revelation of person 6, of which we would know in the second half of 2022.

The informant suggested that ATLUS would continue with its announcements until September 2022, which he estimates will be when it finally announces person 6. The most important thing is that Nate the Hate refers that the game would be exclusive to PlayStation 5.

Persona 4 Golden it would finally come to the Nintendo Switch

According to the informant (via Nintendo Life), to get fans excited about the announcement, “a past installment” in the series is set to debut on new platforms. Nate the Hate did not mention the name of the game he was referring to, but did anticipate that he believes that before this game is available, person 4 would come to Nintendo Switch. This last title finally arrived on PC in 2020, but not on modern consoles.

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You may take this information with some skepticism, especially since ATLUS in recent years has adopted a more PC-friendly stance, which suggests the possibility that person 6 at least get to this platform. We recommend that you take these details with reservation, since it is unofficial information that comes from an informant. However, it is noteworthy that Nate the Hate is not the first to talk about it, since last year the informant Zippo, who was right in predicting the development of Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, anticipated that Persona 4 Golden It would arrive on the Nintendo Switch in 2022. We will keep you informed.

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