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RUMOR: Hogwarts Legacy is in trouble and would have bad news for players | LevelUp

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Hogwarts Legacy It was announced a couple of years ago and it seems like it’s been in development for quite some time. Therefore, for many people – us included – it makes sense to put it as one of the most anticipated releases of 2022.

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Game development is complicated and plans can change at any time. This is why delays are common, especially in these times of pandemic that have put various obstacles in the creation of games. It is because of the above Hogwarts Legacy It could be further away than we thought.

In fact, there is a new rumor that suggests that Hogwarts Legacy is in development problems. This is why it suffered another internal delay and that it would arrive until next year.

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┬┐Hogwarts Legacy in trouble?

Colin Moriarty, anfirtri├│n del podcast Sacred Symbols and subject who has a long career in video game media, claims to have information about the state of Hogwarts Legacy.

According to their sources, Hogwarts Legacy It is in “some kind of problem” and it is for the above that it would not arrive this year. Until now, Warner Bros. has said very little about this project, which serves as fuel for this rumor that is already circulating on the Internet.

It is important to note that, while not an infallible source, Moriarty has proven to have contacts in the industry who share information with him. So, although we recommend you take their statements with a grain of salt, they are worth paying attention to.

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Another important point is that it is not unreasonable to think of another delay for Hogwarts Legacy. Although rumors assure that it will arrive in the second half of the year, the reality is that it is a difficult time for the gaming industry. To this we must add that we have heard very little about the project.

We remind you that the existence of Hogwarts Legacy was leaked in 2018, but was officially confirmed as late as September 2020 at a PlayStation 5 event. Since then, we’ve heard little about the project and the only thing official was news of its original delay which changed its release window from 2021 to 2022. .

And you, what do you think about these rumours? Do you think that Hogwarts Legacy will it arrive until 2023? Tell us in the comments.

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