Saturday, October 1

Rugby 22 shares a minute of its gameplay • Console and Board

A Rubgy 22 He only has a few days left to see the light. NACON and Eko Software remember it with a new one-minute trailer. It is dedicated to its gameplay.


Live authentic rugby. It is the objective set in this installment, as recalled at the beginning of the video. He continues by reviewing its main features: improved and optimized artificial intelligence, in search of realism, and a new control system.

In this title we will be able to demonstrate tactical skills and make use of different rehearsed plays, with which we will get closer to victory. The trailer closes by remembering how there is a new, more complex level of difficulty and additional training to master the game and, ultimately, win the match.

The Top 14, Pro D2 and the United Rugby Championship will be present, with all the clubs from those leagues, players and official shirts. With them, we will take our team to the top, either solo or with multiplayer matches (online and local). will be the January 27th when it releases on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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