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PS3 backwards compatibility? New track stirs up hype among fans | LevelUp

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PlayStation 5 offers many things, but there is one thing it doesn’t have that many dream of: backwards compatibility with PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2 and PlayStation. For this reason, a new track that seems to indicate that we will be able to play classics for PlayStation 3 on the new generation console attracted a lot of attention.

What the heck are we talking about? A few days ago we told you about a patent that seemed to be related to backward compatibility, which was added to the rumors of a new PlayStation service. This alone was enough for many to see a glimmer of hope in the possibility of playing PlayStation 3 titles on PlayStation 5.

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However, this weekend a new clue emerged that has set off alarms. It turns out that games for PlayStation 3 appear in the PlayStation 5 store. The funny thing is that, instead of redirecting you to the PlayStation Now section as they used to do, now it lets you see the game and even its price. It even lets you add the games to your wish list.

An important point is that this is only happening on PlayStation 5. If you enter the PlayStation Store from the browser you will see that only games for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 appear.

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That the mystery of the PS Store does not raise your hype

As we already mentioned, it is a situation that has aroused speculation and that is natural. It’s something that seems to be out of the ordinary, after all, and it seems to be a clear hint that backward compatibility with PlayStation 3 will come to life on PlayStation 5.

Of course, although it is news that attracts a lot of attention and can arouse hype, it is also important to point out that it is important to keep the hype low. After all, there is a very high possibility that this means nothing.

We say this since it is likely that it is an error on the part of Sony. After all, it is not the first time that the store has shown products that should not be in it. Also keep in mind that the price that appears appears to be the price it costs to rent them on PlayStation Now or the price of the subscription.

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That said, with all the rumors about backwards compatibility and a new PlayStation service, no doubt a lot of people are going to pay attention to this. For this we will keep an eye on it and we will inform you when we know more about it.

And you, do you think this is a clue to the arrival of backward compatibility with PS3 on PlayStation 5?

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