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One to one of Athletic against Real Madrid: comments and live evaluations

EAthletic starts again as a victim in the final, but you know what happened against Barcelona a year ago.

Unai Simn

The national team goalkeeper signed against Madrid in one of his first matches to attract the attention of Luis Enrique. To start the game the first way is the long pass. His fingers save Benzema’s goal in the 18th minute. Or so the referee understood to whistle for a corner kick. Good hand to Casemiro in the 27th minute. He can’t do anything against Modric’s great shot at 1-0. And neither before the penalty. Read the address, but Benzema’s shot was perfect.

From Marcos

From the old guard of the lions, he is looking for his third Super Cup. Fast at the first intersection. The first time Vinicius faces him, the Brazilian leaves easily.


I lived both faces in the semifinal. Very attentive in each aerial action and to avoid the walls that Benzema launches. His high hand in minute 49 alerts the VAR and the referee sends the ball to the penalty spot.

Iigo Martnez

Vital for his team in defense and attack. The first corner kick in favor of Athletic is finished off by Ondarroa.


Another player for over a decade. Today it is put in 305 games. Rodrygo is looking for him permanently. He has had to dance with the ugliest, because the Brazilian is the best in Madrid. From his side the play with which Madrid opens the scoring is born.

Dani Garca

Intense battle guaranteed with Casemiro. Insured job. Modric’s creativity and Lucas’s climbs demand maximum attention from Zumarraga’s midfielder.


His first final comes only with 23 games with the first team. Pending from the beginning of the readings of Kroos and that Madrid does not generate imbalances. His work without the ball is more important than ever. High shot to end a long collective play by his team in the 37th minute.


In a great moment and with the memory of his great goal against Courtois in San Mams. In the 11th minute he appears threateningly in the Courtois area. Very close to 1-1 just when the clock reaches minute 45. His shot goes high for nothing.


Affectionate greeting with Nacho and Isco in the locker room tunnel. Together they were champions of Europe under 21 in 2013. The soul of Athletic when it comes to creating and imagining. On every outing, he is the first one his teammates look for. He has a glove for each set piece play.

Iaki Williams

A goal against Madrid in 14 games, although he has accumulated chances of all colors against the whites. At first a heel is played to overcome Alaba. He falls to the right and Alaba soon understands that his legs are going to be demanded in speed. He asks for the Austrian’s hand in minute 10, but the Madrid defender was on the ground. One of his missions is to hoard balls to give air to his team and that Madrid does not recover quickly.


He was not very fine in the semifinal, which was accentuated by Nico’s entry and great level. He is seen more in his field than the rival, as expected. It doesn’t add up when he has it in attack. Logic switched to rest.

Nico Williams

The first relay.


He is looking for his third title, the second since his arrival in San Mamés a little over a year ago. At the beginning, with his 4-4-2 so flexible. Their work is noticeable to balance the attack without giving Madrid options to catch them in the open field. Modric’s goal changes his pace and plan. His reaction is that Nico Williams warms up before the break. His first maneuver is to put in Nico Williams. He complains about the penalty, but the ball does not hit Yeray where the Asturian thought.

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