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North Korean people are risking their lives to play Dota 2 | LevelUp

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It is no secret that the socioeconomic and political situation in North Korea is, to say the least, shocking. The Asian country is famous, among many other things, for lacking free internet and for its authoritarian government that imposes many prohibitions on citizens. One of the many restrictions is the inability to consume foreign products and entertainment items, so many people have no choice but to risk their lives to play their favorite video games.

By keeping its borders closed, North Korea remains one of the most secretive nations on the planet. However, many people who managed to defect and leave the country do not hesitate to reveal extremely interesting information. In this way we know that Dota 2, Valve’s successful MOBA, enjoys great popularity in the Asian country despite the restrictions.

“If you don’t know Dota, you’re not a man,” says North Korean

Through an interview for Jang Seonbi’s YouTube channel, a North Korean defector revealed that some games have started to become extremely popular in the nation in recent years. One of the most relevant proposals is Dota 2, a title whose download is illegal in the region.

Thanks to the lack of internet, fans organize secret meetings to play on LAN. This, of course, because there is no other way for players to compete against each other in that country.

Despite the restrictions and the fact that it is literally an illegal activity that can lead to severe punishment, North Koreans are huge fans of Valve’s popular MOBA. This, at least, according to the declarations of the deserter, who affirms that “if you do not know DotaYou are not a man.”

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The North Korean did not disclose how they gained access to Dota 2 or what version is available. However, a reddit user claims that he knows a friend from North Korea, who told him that the video game came to the country once the borders between China, Russia and Pyongyang were opened.

We must remember that, a few months ago, the North Korean government sentenced to death a student who sold a USB stick that included the chapters of Squid Game, the popular South Korean series. In short, the restrictions in that country are not a joke, so people who play Dota 2 they are literally risking their lives.

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