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Monster Hunter Rise best Palico support type and Palico skills

Knowing the best type of Monster Hunter Rise Palico support adds a layer of strategy to your recruiting plan.

All Palicoes have something unique to offer, but not every skill set is worth your time. The way Monster Hunter Rise spreads out companion abilities means you’re never going to stick with just one Palico type anyway, even if you pick a dedicated Healer.

What is the best type of Palico support in Monster Hunter Rise?

Helpers and healers are the best, and if you can find a helper with healer skills, they should never leave your party. We also recommend recruiting at least one Gathering Palico for scouting missions or when out to replenish your resource pools.

Healers are, as the name suggests, dedicated to keeping your Hunter and party safe and sound, while fellow helpers have a wide range of abilities that benefit you and weaken your enemies. Bombardiers and Fighters have some useful abilities, but their primary and ultimate abilities just aren’t useful enough to warrant recruiting them specifically.

The way MH Rise abilities work means you’ll probably have a healer or assistant with good combat skills anyway.

What are Palico’s best abilities in Monster Hunter Rise?

A comrade’s level 1 and level 20 skills are fixed and will always be tied to their support type. However, level 5, 10, and 15 skills are randomly drawn from a pool of all available buddy skills, so your healer might have an assist, gathering, and fighting skill among their restorative skills.

You should always take the time to preview the skills a comrade learns before recruiting them, and it’s often best to wait and see what the training center comes up with next time. These are the skills you should be looking for:

Best Palico Skills – Level 1

  • herbaceous healing
  • Felyne’s Silk Lasso

Herbaceous Healing and Felyne Silkbind are the best options for your starting abilities, and you’ll only get them on Healer and Assist Palicoes, respectively. Herbaceous Healing doesn’t restore much HP, but it does give you room to continue fighting your target monster.

However, for more veteran hunters, Silkbind is the best option, as your Palico shoots out a web of threads that slows down monsters and makes movement difficult.

Best Palico Skills – Tier 5

  • healing bubble
  • Zap Blast Spinner
  • go fight win

Always go for Healing Bubble if possible. The Palico spawns more than one bubble, making it a solid way to restore a lot of health and help out other party members.

Zap Blast Spinner is a useful support skill, as mobile bombs can make monsters flinch and even help break parts.

Go, Fight, Win reduces stamina consumption, which seems basic, but is a vital buff in most major monster fights. It’s also a useful addition to some mid- and late-game armor sets.

Best Palico Skills – Level 10

  • power drum
  • Anti-monstruo mine
  • Vase of Vitality

Level 10 abilities are slightly less impressive, though Power Drum and Anti-Monster Mine are still great picks. The mine is pretty self explanatory and can make a monster stagger. Power Drum increases the Hunter and Companion’s Attack and Defense, making it essential.

Some players rate Vase of Vitality a bit low on the charts, but almost every high-rank hunt has a monster that can inflict some sort of status effect on you. The healing properties of the vase are always useful and save you from having to concoct potions and taking up more space in your inventory.

Best Palico Skills – Level 15

  • shock purr
  • shock trigger
  • Bombay Lightning

Shock Purr-ison is a top tier ability where your Palico sets a shock trap, useful for capture missions and regular kill missions. Shock Tripper creates an electrical field that inflicts Thunderblight, while Flash Bombay is essentially a free Flash Bomb.

Best Palico Skills – Level 20

  • venom purr
  • health horn

Level 20 skills are also fixed, so what you get depends entirely on the support class you choose. As with level 1 skills, the best picks are Healer and Assist. Poison Purr-ison, the support skill, is a poison variant of Shock Purr-ison, and Health Horn restores a large amount of your and your friend’s health.

Getting your Buddy in order is only part of the battle in Monster Hunter Rise. You’ll also want the best builds for your hunter, which means lots of trips to the smithy. Any hunt is easier and more fun with friends, and Monster Hunter Rise’s multiplayer mode is available almost from the start.

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