Friday, May 27

Lopetegui: “Either I condemn or I don’t condemn; the ‘is that’ touches my coj****”

Julen Lopetegui has analyzed the cup removal and everything that happened in these eighths from Copa del Rey both in the official media Sevilla as in the press room. The Gipuzkoan technician looked very angry. “The first, congratulate Betis. Second, the madness and the act of vandalism that happened, the aggression, does not represent the Betis fans, there is less energy on all sides, and third, and there I raise the tone, in this country we have very thin skin for many things, phobias, gender violence… and it seems fine to me, but putting the focus on what does not touch seems to me a regrettable act. We have to focus on how Joan (Jordn) is, who arrived at the hospital with 16/13 blood pressure, dizzy, with a trauma and I find it unfortunate that colleagues make those comments, and you too, we all have a responsibility… Then we all tear our hair out when something happens. It’s just that she was wearing a miniskirt when she was raped… It’s just that she wasn’t. Either black or white, or you condemn or do not condemn the aggression, the ‘is that’ touches my coj****, excuse me. The Betis fans are not represented by that energetic man and Jordn did not put the head on, he did not throw the flag or suspend the match and you tell me how you play today when the attacked is the injured party, when he cannot play and there were many other possibilities. With all due respect to those who make the decisions, justice has not helped. The Betis Come in and congratulate your fans”, he declared. The coach disapproved of the Verdiblanco players who doubted the Sevilla player.

The decision to appear at the party

“We could have not played but we have not, we have presented ourselves and we have tried to play it, it has been an even game despite the casualties, we have faced it with the best of attitudes trying to beat Betis. A game with hardly any chances where They, what they have had, have taken advantage of it.”


“We have had situations to hurt them, we lacked clarity in the pass but the game was very balanced and they barely had a chance to score.”

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“Today is a sad day, we have to swallow poison, digest and think about the league match against Valencia.”

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