Tuesday, October 4

Konami’s first stab at NFT nets them over $155,000

NFT, the buzzword in the boardroom of every video game company, every phone call between executives, and all over Twitter these days, has found a success story thanks to Konami. The Metal Gear publisher held an auction on January 12 where it auctioned off “14 NFTs featuring gameplay footage, pixel art, key art, and background music from the Castlevania series.”

The auction went very well, with each of the 14 pieces selling for an average of $12,000 while the two most expensive pieces sold for $26,538 and 17,518, respectively. So I got Konami and a grand total of $162,000 with 2.5% going to auction site OpenSea.

Now, we don’t expect this success to change the general sentiment regarding NFTs. Critics accurately describe NFTs as terrible for the environment and simply a new way to milk gamers for more money.

That hasn’t gone unnoticed by gamers, who have largely failed any attempts at NFTs in the actual gaming space. Ubisoft’s NFT release was a complete flop, stalker 2 was ridiculed until they backed off their in-game NFT announcement, and Troy Baker was given a lesson in player outrage when he announced his NFT venture.

It is not surprising, It takes two director Josef Fares he has also taken a strong stance against NFTs, stating that he would rather take a “knee hit” than add them to his games. Also, although less extreme, many developers of microsoft, Sony and other studios share his opinion and have said they would quit their jobs if publishers forced NFT into their games.


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