Thursday, September 29

Konami has made over $162,000 from Castlevania NFTs

That the celebration of the 35th anniversary of Castlevania ending up resulting in the announcement of the release of an NFT collection of the saga was probably not what the fans expected (or maybe it was, if we take into account the trajectory of Konami in recent years), although now that these have begun to be auctioned digital pieces it seems that the company has found a more than profitable business.

The success of the auction

Not surprisingly, the 14 works that make up the Konami Memorial NFT Collection have been sold in their entirety at an average price of $12,000. Furthermore, the NFT that has reached the highest value has been one of the Dracula’s castle map from the first game, which sold for a whopping 26 538 dlares.

On the other hand, a three-minute video with some gameplay edited edition of several games sold for $17,518, and an illustration of Castlevania: Circle of the Moon exceeded $17,000. All of these NFTs were sold at OpenSea, a website that takes a 2.5% commission with the transactions that are made, which means that Konami won yesterday in just a moment more than 157,000 dollars with the auction, a figure that can continue to grow over time, since the company will receive 10% of each sale of these NFTs that is made in the future as it is the owner of the brand Castlevania.

The company commented that this collection of NFT’s Castlevania It is only the first project they have planned of this type, so it is to be expected that we will soon see similar initiatives with sagas as beloved as Silent Hill The Metal Gear Solid, especially after the success of this auction.

In the event that all this NFT thing catches you again and you do not understand what they are or what they mean for the video game industry, we recommend that you take a look at the very complete report that we dedicate to them in Vandal.

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