Friday, September 30

Halo Infinite studio promises store changes and price renewals

One of the biggest areas of criticism in Halo Infinite will soon see some changes. 343 Industries Design Lead Jerry Hook tweeted that the team is finally ready to change the way the Halo Infinite multiplayer store bundles content and prices for that content beginning Tuesday, January 18, 2022.

Among the changes coming to the store, Hook made sure to say that prices will generally drop. While he didn’t go as far as to say how much the drop will be, it seems armor sets that previously cost 2,000 credits ($20 in real-world money) may be a thing of the past. Other examples of items that cost quite a bit include weapon skins for $10 and a couple of small daisies and teddy bear items for $15.

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Among the packaging changes, Hook promised that more items would be available on their own in the store, meaning you won’t have to pay the bundle price to get them, and that they want to pack more value into the bundles themselves. He didn’t say if that meant more items in the bundle or better things included in general.

The Halo store should be changing a bit as the weeks go by, with more changing as season one nears its end in May. Hook asked players to continue providing feedback so that the developers can make the Halo Infinite experience continue to improve as time goes on.

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