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God of War added more than 65,000 simultaneous players on Steam on its launch day

Let the money be on PC God of War are finally released last Friday in the main compatible digital stores with a very careful conversion, as we tell you in the complete analysis that we dedicate to it in Vandal, where we assure you that it has left us more than satisfied both in terms of performance and configuration options.

Kratos convinces Steam players

And from the data that has been recorded in Steam, it seems that computer gamers really wanted to put themselves in the shoes of Kratos and discover the reasons why many users consider the work of SIE Santa Monica Studio as one of the best of the entire generation, because in its day of launch reached a peak of 65,276 simultaneous players on Valve’s platform, a figure that should be even higher if we take into account that it can also be purchased at the Epic Games Store.

This is the best debut of a Sony game on PC, since Horizon Zero Dawn arrived at 56,557 players on its launch day, while Days Gone stayed in the 27,450 users. As an additional curiosity, God of War It was the game for a player that accumulated the most simultaneous players last Friday, since all the others that surpassed it in this ranking (it was placed 22nd) were multiplayer experiences.

The success of God of War

God of War originally released for PlayStation 4 in April 2018, selling 19.5 million copies as of August 2021, so it is to be expected that in these months and with its release on PC it has already exceeded the 20 million barrier. We also take this opportunity to remind you that its sequel, God of War Ragnarok, will be released this year for PS4 and PS5 and if you need a guide to the first game we have the best you can find in Spanish.

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