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Free up space on your Switch! We already know the size of Kirby and The Forgotten Land | LevelUp

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One of the most anticipated games by Switch users is Kirby and The Forgotten Land, a title that is getting closer and which has just revealed the space it will need on the hybrid console. Read on to find out.

Kirby’s new adventure will arrive in March and promises quite interesting gameplay, where the cute character will show off new skills in a mysterious 3D world full of wildlife.

There is very little left to put us in the pink skin of Kirby

If you are one of those who are waiting for this promising Nintendo game and you plan to buy it in digital format, it is important that you know that it will require 5.8 GB of space on your console, so you better make room so that you are ready once it is released. .

To give you an idea of ​​what the title can offer, we mention that Kirby Star Allies weighs around 4.0 GB, while all the worlds of Super Mario Odyssey they reach 5.6 GB, so we could be about to receive a similar amount of content to the plumber game.

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We remind you that Kirby and The Forgotten Land It will also have a story that fans of the saga will surely like, because when Kirby arrives in this new land, he will discover that the Waddle Dees are being kidnapped by some creatures, so he will have to use his best-known moves to save them.

And if that wasn’t enough, this title will also have multiplayer options for you to team up with a friend and together overcome all the challenges that this mysterious place is about to reveal.

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Kirby and The Forgotten Land It will launch exclusively for the Nintendo Switch on March 25.

What do you expect from this new Kirby adventure? Tell us in the comments.

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