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Filmmaker John Carpenter Praises Halo Infinite, Thinks It’s the Best of the Series | LevelUp

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Although it is increasingly common for video games to be popular among celebrities, it is always interesting to know that some famous person enjoys this medium as a hobby. Likewise, it is common for the younger generations to share this passion, but there are also veteran creatives who love them and a clear example is John Carpenter, who today revealed that he is a fan of Halo Infinite.

John Carpenter, the renowned expert filmmaker in the horror genre and the mind behind films like The Thing Y Halloween, took advantage of his Twitter account to talk about his recent experience with Halo Infinite and praise him.

Quite rightly called on Twitter TheHorrorMaster, Carpenter mentioned that Halo Infinite is a “fun shooting game”. The creative’s review went further and even revealed that his product design is breathtakingly beautiful. The set is enough for John Carpenter to consider Halo Infinite as the best that the franchise has offered.

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Xbox developers and the community reacted to Carpenter’s message

Naturally, such a comment from one of the best filmmakers in history generated many reactions. Aaron Greenberg, Xbox Marketing Manager, acknowledged the “creative legend” comment. Bonnie Ross, founder and head of 343 Industries, thanked him for the creativity he has poured into the worldapart from wishing him a happy birthday.

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The Franchise Manager HaloFrank O’Connor was not far behind and surprised he told himself it wasn’t a dream. Entrepreneur Elon Musk, also a fan of video games, appeared on the scene and reinforced Carpenter’s comment Opining that the campaign Halo Infinite it’s good.

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John Carpenter is a passionate gamer

John Carpenter is known in the world of video games not only for having influenced hundreds of creatives in the field, but also because he plays video games and is even a fan of various franchises.

For example, have you ever mentioned that you are a fan of SEGA’s mascot, Sonic, as well as of Dead Space, which he would love to adapt to the big screen. Ever also played and spoke well of Far Cry 5. Another interesting detail is that he was able to make Canal+, in charge of the film Escape from New York, sued Hideo Kojima for his similarity to Metal Gear Solid, but the filmmaker prevented it, because he knew the Japanese creative and considered him a good person.

Despite being a movie genius, Carpenter has not been involved in the development of a video game, although he has expressed a desire to make one one day.

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What do you think of Carpenter’s comment? do you also think that Halo Infinite is it the best game in the series? Tell us in the comments.

Halo Infinite is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC. You can find more about him if you visit his file or if you consult our written review.

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