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Wordle too easy? Absurdle is his much tougher evil twin

You’re almost certainly already familiar with Wordle, the online word game that has seemingly taken the world by storm in recent weeks, saturating Twitter with yellow and green boxes and delighting anyone who likes a challenge.

But despite everything, Wordle is not an easy game; Just look at the amount of Brits complaining about Wednesday’s solution – It is not impossible. So for a real test of your language skills, you might want to take a look at Absurd.

as it stands out The Guardian, is a clever twist on the original game that complicates things quite a bit by having you play against a malevolent AI that constantly changes the word you’re looking for. And it’s brilliant, insofar as it’s gone straight to the top of my list of the best Wordle alternatives.

Let me explain.

Meet Absurdle: Wordle’s Evil Twin

While Wordle is a very simple game in which you have six attempts to guess a five-letter word, Absurdle is at first glance much more complicated, to the extent that the game How to play page runs to over 1,000 words.

The basic format is the same, as the goal is to guess a five-letter word, but the key difference is that the answer changes as you play. So forget about guessing in two tries: you’ll be lucky if you do it in 10.

Essentially, you’re playing against an AI that hasn’t really decided what the answer is. Instead, he looks inside his word list every time he guesses and discards any solution that uses any of the chosen letters. And because it starts with 2,315 possible words, just like Wordle, there are plenty of options.

For example, if your first guess is ‘TEARS’ (my most common Wordle starter), Absurdle will proudly tell you that you have 0 letters correct. That’s a fact. At the same time, it will eliminate any answers that use any of those letters, narrowing down the choices to a slightly smaller pool of possible ones.

(Image credit: Absurd)

The same will undoubtedly happen the second time, although at this stage you may get a yellow letter, indicating that you are in the word but not in the right place. Same with your third guess. On the fourth or fifth try, if you’ve been judicious with your choice of letters, you might have a couple of definite letters, at which point you’ll have to keep guessing until you get the right one.

But keep in mind that Absurdle will keep changing the answer until the end. So let’s say you’ve figured out that your word definitely looks like this: ‘_E_ER’ – there are only a couple of possibilities, right? It could be ‘FEVER’, or ‘MINUS’ or ‘REFER’, maybe. Well, don’t think you can get lucky and guess right the first time, because whatever you guess first will be wrong. You will only get the answer when there is literally no other option.

(Image credit: Absurd)

As a result, the strategy you need to win is completely different from the best approach for Wordle. Also, there are various tactics you can take; for example, using complicated letters early on will probably leave you with easier words to guess, but more possible answers. Alternatively, guessing all the vowels earlier might narrow down the choices more quickly, but it’s also very likely that your answer will end up being quite obscure.

And it’s not even clear what ‘win’ means; after all, you get unlimited guesswork. In my opinion, anything within a Wordle score is a good result, so four, five or six tries. But I have played several times and only got it occasionally.

The game is the work of a developer who calls himself qntm And just like Wordle, it’s played over the web and is completely ad-free. But you can complete it as many times as you like each day, so there’s no reason not to keep trying to get that AI down a peg or two. Good luck.

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