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Woman hired a Super Smash Bros. trainer to humiliate her boyfriend | LevelUp

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Despite being a nice party game, it is undeniable that Super Smash Bros. can bring out the most competitive side of all players. Of course, there are those who are not very skilled and bite the dust constantly, a situation that can lead to a lot of frustration. Fed up with losing and being teased by her boyfriend, a gamer decided to take drastic measures to improve her performance in the Nintendo game.

Through a post on reddit, user throwawaysmash234324 shared the story of how she hired a coach to learn how to play Super Smash Bros. and be able to humiliate her boyfriend. The story, as expected, caught the attention of locals and strangers due to the curiosity of the whole situation.

The woman trained hours to hone her skills in Super Smash Bros.

The woman explains in her publication that both she and her boyfriend are very competitive people, so they usually play board games, video games, etc. She states that she usually wins at puzzles, while her boyfriend wins at video games.

During the December holidays, the couple had the opportunity to compete in Super Smash Bros, the popular Nintendo fighting game. The woman claims that it didn’t go very well and that she was annoyed that her boyfriend didn’t even explain the controls properly to her.

“When I asked him questions about how to improve or what to do, he said something like ‘you could play for years and never beat me’ or ‘you shouldn’t even try because you won’t have a chance’ (…) It was frustrating.”

Of course, that situation couldn’t end like this. The player googled how to improve and asked a mutual friend for help, who recommended a bunch of videos on how to play. A short time later, he decided to go further and hired a Super Smash Bros. trainer to teach him how to play.

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“My coach did an hour a day with me. He explained things to me and gave me things to practice on my own. I only did this during the day when my boyfriend was at work from home.”

Fortunately, his effort paid off. The woman states in her post that within weeks she was playing extremely close games with her boyfriend and within a month she was able to beat him.

“I noticed that my boyfriend was getting more and more frustrated. He forced me to play until I won one or made excuses. Honestly, sometimes I started losing on purpose to avoid hurting their feelings. In one of our most intense sessions, he dropped his controller and yelled at me, and I said ‘you could train for years and never beat me’ and he didn’t speak to me all night.”

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When the boyfriend found out about the classes, he was furious and refused to play any more games. Super Smash Bros with your partner. As expected, this story generated all kinds of comments on reddit.

But tell us, do you think the woman exaggerated with her training? Let us read you in the comments.

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