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What!? Konami made thousands of dollars from the sale of Castlevania NFTs | LevelUp

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Konami decided to bet on NFTs and enter the market with a collection of Castlevania. In case you don’t remember, the company planned an auction to offer scenes, music, and art from its iconic franchise to non-fungible token enthusiasts. Despite the criticism, things are going well for the studio, as it generated thousands of dollars in this first sale.

As part of the Konami Memorial NFT project, the studio offered this Friday 14 NFTs based on its popular saga and, to the surprise of many, the collectibles were well priced and reached quite high prices. Thanks to this, it is estimated that the developer earned thousands of dollars despite the commissions that OpenSea took, the site where the non-fungible tokens were sold.

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The NFT auction of Castlevania it was a success

NFT enthusiasts gathered and competed yesterday to try and get content from Castlevania. It took just a few hours for the 14 pieces in this collection to sell for an average price of $12,000 USD each.

One of the most sought after tokens was a map of Dracula’s castle, which ultimately sold for $26,538 USD, making it the most expensive item in the auction. Another of the collectibles that shows gameplay from the original title sold for $17,518 USD. While someone added to their collection an art from Castlevania: Circle of the Moon in exchange for $17,000 USD.

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According to calculations, the sale generated a total of $162,000 USD, of which approximately $157,000 reached Konami’s pockets after commissions from OpenSea. The developer’s profit opportunity does not end there, because if an NFT from the auction is sold in the future, it can earn 10% more in commissions.

Due to the good results of this auction in terms of profit and reception, surely Konami will hesitate to abandon its projects with NFT. In fact, it has previously confirmed that it will launch other token collections in the future.

While this is good news for the company, it is certainly a bucket of cold water for video game enthusiasts who are against the arrival of NFTs in the industry. This is because the success of the project could encourage other companies the size of Konami to bet on the technology.

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