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Was achieved! 343i Announces Price Drop in Halo Infinite Store | Levelup

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In general, the debut of Halo Infinite It was successful and both its campaign mode and its multiplayer went very well, something to highlight given the eventful development process it had. However, it was in multiplayer where the detail that bothered players was found, and that is that in an attempt to ensure proper monetization for the component, 343 Industries priced the content and cosmetic packs high, by today’s standards. Fortunately, the responsible team listened to the players and the changes are on the way.

Finally they will reduce the prices of the store of Halo Infinite

A few moments ago, Jerry Hook, head of design at 343i, reported through his official Twitter account that starting next week, players of Halo Infinite You will see important changes in the store. In this sense, the creative mentioned that the development team paid attention to the discussion that was presented on the subject in the game store, so that the analysis and feedback resulted in a modification that is expected to be in favor of the game. players wishes.

343i invited players to follow up with feedback on Halo Infinite

According to Hook, the changes in the store of Halo Infinite they will have to do with the price and content of the packages offered on the platform. It will be from next Tuesday, January 18, that changes will be applied and these will vary every week, so the store will become dynamic. The objective will be to increase the value of the packs by adding better content and there will also be items and cosmetics that will come out of the packs to be offered separately.

That said, Jerry Hook assured that the new stage of the store of Halo Infinite It will start in a few days and is shaping up to be an experience that will be built hand in hand with the players, which is why they invited us to continue sending comments and opinions to improve the platform.

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