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This is how the exact moment in which the Halo: Reach servers closed was lived | Levelup

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As we told you, the servers of the games of Halo on Xbox 360 officially closed on January 13. This situation, as expected, saddened the community and aroused a feeling of nostalgia, so dozens of players wanted to visit the titles one last time before saying goodbye. Fortunately, a user was able to capture on video the exact moment the servers became unavailable.

Through a post on reddit, the user W7df shows the last seconds in life of the multiplayer of Halo: Reach, a title that debuted in 2010 and quickly managed to become one of the community’s favorites.

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The footage in question shows us a lobby where 7 players patiently wait to start a game. The seconds passed and at the end we can see a pop-up message warning that the matchmaking was canceled due to connection problems, which clearly indicated that the game’s servers were permanently closed.

W7df’s post prompted many players to share their experiences with the game in the comments section and express their sadness at the server shutdown. Of course, it is worth noting that it was recently discovered that it is possible to play the classic multiplayer of Halo: Reach through your demo.

Players say goodbye to Halo before the closure of servers on Xbox 360

As January 13 slowly approached, thousands of fans wasted no time in revisiting their favorite games from the franchise before the Xbox 360 servers shut down.

This left us with very nice anecdotes, such as that of a group of players who organized themselves to obtain the achievements of Halo 3 before it was impossible. Likewise, thousands of fans shared their experiences with the franchise on Twitter.

But tell us, what is your favorite game in the franchise? Let us read you in the comments.

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