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This canceled CBS show is finally coming back, on another network

Some canceled shows get a second chance at life, and that’s the case with CBS legal drama All Rise, which was pulled in May 2021. After the show was announced to be returning, the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) bailed it out. . – latest September, we finally have a better idea of ​​when it will return.

On Tuesday (January 11) All Rise star Simone Missick announced, on All Rise Instagram, which OWN’s 20-episode order will debut this spring. You can check out that ad below, and it came with a bit of a bonus.

All Rise, if you’ve never seen it, is a legal drama that focuses on Los Angeles judges, public defenders, and prosecutors. Missick plays Judge Lola Carmichael, who begins the show by making the switch from deputy district attorney to judge. And, no surprise here: he’s breaking all the rules.

Yes, OWN is setting up the debut of its latest acquisition by airing Seasons 1 and 2 of All Rise, starting from the beginning. If you want to watch the first two seasons for yourself on your own schedule, they’re on demand on Hulu. This gives the OWN existing audience who have never seen All Rise a chance to try out the show and possibly catch up if they love it.

In the clip, Missick announced that season 3 has a theme: “new beginnings.” How appropriate for a show on a new network. He also noted that the cast will begin filming for the series soon. How soon? Missick said “in the next few days,” so the cast is likely to arrive on set as you read this post.

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Analysis: Overturning All Rise Cancellation Is Smart OWN Strategy

Missick also promoted OWN’s latest drama series, The Kings of Napa, which will premiere after rebroadcast episodes of All Rise. Launching any new series that isn’t a spin-off or sequel is tough these days, so we have to give OWN credit for finding a way to make The Kings of Napa’s debut a bigger event by giving it a interesting introduction.

Because All Rise will probably bring its own audience to the party. TVLine quotes OWN President Tina Perry as saying, “All Rise has been a strong performer, achieving strong ratings and increasing its share from Season 1 to Season 2.”

And this new pairing looks like it could create a pattern. The Kings of Napa has an eight-episode run, so we can see the new All Rise increase to OWN by the time the first season ends, and the shows could remain paired.

OWN is on cable, but it’s also available on many over-the-top services, like fuboTV (one of the best streaming services and one of our top picks for the best cable TV alternatives).

Check out our guide to Biggest Canceled TV Shows or Series Ending in 2022 for more news on what’s ending (or already ended). In other TV news, Roku’s new plan fights with Netflix right where they are strongest.

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