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The pre-Hispanic-themed game Buluk Mayan Warfare prepares its Beta | Levelup

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The pre-Hispanic theme has gained notoriety in recent years among video game developers and little by little proposals are beginning to emerge that seek to take us on adventures inspired by this historical era in what we now know as Latin America. years ago we talked about Buluk Mayan Warfare, combat and strategy game that appeals to elements of the Aztec and Mayan culture, which will finally see the celebration of its Beta in a few days.

Buluk Mayan Warfare will finally perform its Beta

Ninja5, team responsible for Buluk Mayan Warfare, published a new video on its official YouTube channel where it revealed that the Beta of this title will start on Steam on January 20 with hack-and-slash combat mechanics that are combined with elements of strategy and progression, which means that there will be different options to develop our Aztec or Mayan warrior, as well as their equipment and magic options.

Video: Beta trailer Buluk Mayan Warfare

This is the description of Buluk Mayan Warfare: “is an Aztec | Mayan themed game in which players use sword and magic against their enemies. 1521, the Mayan world is on the verge of collapse. Peace between the tribes of Yucatan continues to fracture as foreign invaders lay siege the Aztec Empire. Tensions between our Tribe, the Tutul Xiu of Uxmal, and the Cocom Tribe of Tulum have escalated into all-out war. Only one lone hero stands between us and destruction.”

Buluk Mayan Warfare, game with Aztec theme | Maya

Likewise, the game proposal of Buluk Mayan Warfare It develops from these points:

  • Become the Nacom, an elite Mayan warrior who wields magic and weapons
  • Unite your tribe with 4 unique weapon styles
  • Unleash devastating magic on your enemies
  • Research spells, craft weapons and armor using resources obtained from conquered cities
  • Rise through the ranks of the Mayan Armed Forces with a customizable warrior
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