Friday, September 30

PUBG creators Krafton sue Free Fire creators Garena for plagiarism

Krafton, the developer of PUBG (one of the battle royale most popular on the market), has just sued Garena ensuring that this last company has plagiarized PUBG: Battlegrounds with their games Free Fire Y Free Fire Max. Moreover, the thing has not stopped here and has also extended the lawsuit to Apple and Google, companies that he accuses of distributing both titles on their respective platforms (App Store and Google Play). As if that wasn’t enough, Krafton also charges Google for containing videos of the two Free Fire on YouTube, as well as a Chinese movie claiming that it is a crude illegal adaptation to real action of PUBG.

The demand

Free Fire Y Free Fire Max copy many aspects of Battlegroundsboth individually and in combination, including the descent to earth from the air that occurs at the beginning of each game and that is registered and protected content, as well as the structure of the game and its gameplay, the combination and selection of weapons, armor and unique objectives, location, choices of the color palette, materials and textures”, can be read in the lawsuit.

Of course, Krafton alleges that Garena has earned “hundreds of millions of dollars” with micropayments that include both games and that, consequently, Apple and Google have also made a substantial amount of money by distributing Free Fire in their systems.

Last December 21 Krafton requested Garena to withdraw Free Fire Y Free Fire Max, a request that was rejected by the company. This led the company to ask Apple and Google to stop its distribution and to remove the related videos, something that did not come to fruition either and that has finally ended up leading to this lawsuit.

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