Sunday, December 4

Project Haven shows its gameplay on video • Console and Dashboard

Project Haven, from Code Three Fifty One, puts us at the controls of the Steel Dragons mercenary group. In the city of the future Haven City, we will fight in tactical turn-based combat to defend our interests against multiple and varied enemies. This is how it is remembered in the video dedicated to its gameplay.


Each member of the mercenary party has their own stats and abilities. Each mission depends on us and our choices, since we will choose the soldiers and also their equipment for each of them. Once in combat, from a view in the third person, we will be able to simulate what to do and how it might go according to plan. It is possible thanks to small simulations with damage statistics.

As always happens in this type of game, the covers and the movements to crouch, lie down or lean can save us from an upset. Stealth is the great ally, with which to cause enormous damage without being discovered. Not everything is destruction, since we will be able to heal the wounds of our boys. Hacking, taking down, or stunning are other possibilities.

Something that has been heavily emphasized Project Haven is in the charger management. We will have bullets and ammunition of all kinds, to spend with great care, since we can run out of them. Soldiers will gain experience and improve their combat power as we progress.

We can enjoy it alone or cooperatively for up to four players, either with artificial intelligence or with friends. At the moment, no release date has been set, although it has set this new year as a reference to be a reality on PC, through Steam. The demo will be ready in February for those who want to try it. It will bear the seal of Code Three Fifty One.

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