Saturday, October 1

Outerverse debuts in early access • Console and Dashboard

Outerverse It is already a reality on PC, through Steam and the Epic Games Store. The launch occurs in early access, so it will continue for some time in development, taking advantage of the criticism of the community. For now, they are varied.


“A mission-based automation adventure game.” This is how it is presented Outerverse, a proposal from Tbjbu2 and Freedom Games that accompanies its arrival with a new trailer.

Players will build farms, machines, and weapons that they will then use on their journeys through the universe. They will have to defeat huge titans and advance in technology, without forgetting to survive the different cosmic events.

As its creators point out, we will launch rockets against a large golem or stop the expansion of a large underground plant, by building automated destruction systems. As the most observant will have noticed, it seems to take as a reference Redstone Y Minecraft.

The story will respond to a mission system, in charge of guiding us through the adventure. As we progress, we will unlock better equipment and more efficient space technology.

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