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Logan Paul gets his $3.5 million back and scandal breaks out among collectors | Levelup

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The scandal has appeared in the scene of card collectors after the attempted fraud of the youtuber and boxer Logan Paul, who paid $3.5 million for a package that included boxes with playing cards. Pokémon that had even been certified. When he opened them, he discovered that it was not like that because there were only credit cards. GI Joe and the controversy began. However, Logan Paul got his money back but the impact of this is reaching collectors of this type of product.

Logan Paul received his money back, but now there are problems between those who sold it

According to information from Comicbook, Logan Paul recovered the $3.5 million he had paid for the alleged certified cards of Pokémon, this after the person who sold them, Matt Allen, returned the money. Perhaps it might seem that this situation ended with this arrangement, but it is not, because now the problem is that Matt Allen has problems recovering the $2.7 million that he paid for those cards to 2 individuals Jacob Gabay and Jameel Mohammad.

According to the information available to date, after the scandal of the fake credit cards Pokémon and Logan Paul’s $3.5 million refund, Matt Allen wants his $2.7 million back, which he paid as follows: $2,185,000 for Jacob Gabay and $515,000 for Jameel Mohammad. The detail is that after the scandal, the card collector scene accused Jameel Mohammad of backing out of the payment, breaking his promise to return the money and taking the matter to the legal field.

The result? In addition to the $515,000 that Matt Allen hasn’t seen back, he is now saddled with an account of attorneys’ fees he had to contract to demand payment from Jameel Mohammad, according to a post by verified Instagram account @cardporn. that realizes what is happening.

The group that certified the fake cards is in the crosshairs of the collector scene

Did you think this would stop there? Well no, since the scandal has also reached those responsible for Baseball Card Exchange, who are dedicated to certifying sports cards and who were the ones who gave their approval to the package of cards Pokémon. In this regard, the information indicates that the origin of the problem, at least until now, lies with Jacob Gabay and Jameel Mohammad, since they were the ones who carried the Pokémon and apparently they persuaded folks at the Baseball Card Exchange to get them certified.

As a result of this accusation, Baseball Card Exchange reported through its Instagram account that they are reviewing what happened and for the moment they have stopped their certification processes.

Thus, the attempted fraud that reached Logan Paul has resulted in a scandal that will take different paths until it finds, if possible, the origin of that package of fake credit cards. Pokémon.

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