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Ken Levine talks about the ‘luxury’ of being able to throw away work when making a game

Ken Levine He is one of those figures in the video game industry who has already become a living part of the history of the medium. Not in vain, we speak of the creator of BioShock Y System Shock 2, two of the most acclaimed games of all time. However, a lot has happened since his last work, BioShock Infinite, released in 2013. Following this title, Levine founded his own studio, Ghost Story Games, and started working on a new project that we haven’t seen anything about yet. according to Bloomberg, former workers of this team described Levine as a “perfectionist” who does not hesitate to discard large amounts of work, which would have delayed his new game to the point of not yet having anything to show the public.

The luxury of being able to throw away part of your work

Now, Levine himself has wanted to tackle this issue by talking about the “luxury” of being able to discard the work you have done for the good of your project: “The most important lesson in video games and that many developers have a hard time learning is that you are going to have to throw your work away“.

“As a writer, there is a saying: write and rewrite. And in the video game industry doing that is a luxury. I’m lucky enough to have that luxury And I think the main reason the work I do is good is because I’ve been able to say no, this isn’t working, let’s scrap it and move on.”

“I understand that there are those who might see this as a show of indecision, but I don’t know any other way to do it. It requires you to have the will to pick up the pen and start from the beginning., and I think that’s a fundamental thing, so I see it as a luxury.”

The reasons why nothing of the new Ken Levine game has been shown

Taking advantage of the occasion, Levine has commented that he knows that almost 8 years have passed since he started working on his new game and that there are many players waiting to see it. As he explains, he hasn’t shown anything yet because he doesn’t want to show anything that isn’t in the final game (one of the biggest criticisms received BioShock Infinite), also ensuring that there has not been a single day in which they have not worked in the studio.

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