Sunday, November 27

GTA Online introduces a new cooperative Adversary mode called Double Down

A new cooperative Adversary mode has arrived in GTA Online this week. It’s called Double Down, and players take on one of two roles. The first sees them playing as Fraklin or Lamar and trying to survive attacks from waves of enemies armed with double-barreled shotguns by working together and making good use of the available weapons.

On the other side of the equation, players can become shotgun-wielding characters and attempt to kill Franklin and Lamar. Regardless of which side you choose, the rewards are the same. Players will receive a 3x multiplier on GTA$ & RP for playing Double Down; even just playing the mode will net you GTA$200K.

Elsewhere, players can now get their hands on the Nagasaki Shinobi motorcycle, which is available from Legendary Motorsport. If you’re more interested in cars, this week’s prize is the Dinka RT3000. Players can win one by placing in the top 2 in the Street Race series for five consecutive days.

They can also get a free pastel green tuxedo jacket. To get one, players will need to complete Dr. Dre’s VIP contract and then visit Franklin and LD in the smoking room at Record A Studios. From there, completing any short trips will earn players their outfit for free.

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