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Google Forms vs. Microsoft Forms

Do you need to create a survey or poll? How about making a fun quiz for kids?

In the past, you had to create these types of forms from scratch using a word processing program. But Google found a solution for that. They created Google Forms and Microsoft soon followed suit.

But which is the right way for you?

That depends on what you want to do.

Find out the pros and cons of Google Forms and Microsoft Forms so you can choose the right one for your needs.

Google Forms vs. Microsoft Forms

Both Google Forms and Microsoft Forms offer the same basic features, so it can be difficult to choose between the two. Some of those main functions include:

Question and answer templates

First, both forms offer options for how to ask questions and record responses. But Google comes out a bit ahead of Microsoft in this area with more options in its range of question types.

Multiple-choice responses are a mainstay, but Google also allows users to create forms that require text-based, linear-scaled responses. You can even use multiple sections in a single form or add conditional logic to your Google Forms.

Microsoft, on the other hand, does not support multiple separate sections. You can use branching or conditional logic in MS forms, but your choice of form types is limited to six options, such as text and multiple choice answers.

Share and collaborate with others

Both tools allow you to share forms with others.

With Microsoft, you only need an active MS ID to share a link directly or via email. You can also use the embed feature on web pages. However, you cannot restrict who can click the link unless you have a paid subscription. You also can’t add collaborators using the free version of Microsoft Forms.

Google allows you to share links in the same way that Microsoft does, but it also allows you to add collaborators without spending additional money. You just need a working email address to add someone as a collaborator. Google also gives you more control over who sees the form with editing options on who has access or who can add collaborators.

The king of templates

Unless you’re in the design industry or have a lot of time to learn, chances are you need a template where you can simply add information and submit. This is where Google shines.

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They have a wide variety of selections from elegant invitations for your grandparents 50ththe anniversary to a plain text-based survey for the team. And you can manage most of your form needs using this simple feature.

Unfortunately, Microsoft hasn’t caught up with this kind of selection and ease.

stylized forms

Well, Microsoft may not have the best selection of templates compared to Google. But you can get around that with your variety of themes. If you’re a fan of graphical themes that carry through the entire form, Microsoft may be the clear winner here.

That’s not to say Google doesn’t offer theme options. They do. They may not be as attractive or dynamic as Microsoft themes, but if you’re willing to compromise on a basic color scheme, Google’s selection of templates is worth it.

Those are the main features that Google Forms and Microsoft Forms share. Now, let’s look at some things that are unique to each form.

Unique Microsoft Form Features

Microsoft has some specific features that may be the deciding factor for you:

QR codes

Microsoft Forms gives you QR codes to help you spread the love. It may not be a necessary feature, but it makes it easier for mobile and tablet users to access the form and respond. It also gives it a more modern feel by using technology that is relevant today.

As a bonus, users can also download the QR code or add it to other communications like emails for better accessibility.

Spreadsheet compatibility

Both Google Forms and Microsoft Forms offer support for their respective spreadsheet sets. The difference is how the built-in support works. For MS users, that means having an active Office Suite open and downloading the spreadsheet to your system. Once done, you can import form data from it.

Google Single Form Features

Still undecided about Google Forms?

Take a look at some exclusive features you won’t find in Microsoft Forms:

Upload files

If you need to keep track of assignments for college or school, Google Forms allows you to upload files. This feature makes it easy for you if you need the forms for document verification.

Spreadsheet compatibility

As mentioned above, both Microsoft and Google offer built-in support for their respective spreadsheet programs. But Google makes it a little easier because the information is stored in the cloud. That means instead of downloading a spreadsheet, you just need to tap a button to open the sheet. No additional download required.

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Google Forms vs. Microsoft Forms for Quizzes

Who is the clear winner of the tests?

Unfortunately, the answer is not simple.

Both Google Forms and Microsoft Forms offer a variety of options for creating quizzes. So it really depends on how intricate you plan to make your quizzes.

Go with Microsoft Forms if you want to:

  • Preview the form using an embedded desktop or mobile device
  • Use sharing options like QR code, insert it into OneNote
  • Import data or export results using Excel
  • Set start and end dates with specific times for access. Then see the average time to complete the quiz

Go with Google Forms if you want to:

  • Use the file upload feature for document verification
  • Organize a question on multiple pages
  • Share on social networks by sharing links
  • Interact with live Google sheet

If you don’t think you’ll need any of the features listed, you can use any set of forms to create a quiz. Both perform similar primary functions with the exceptions listed above.

Additional FAQs

What is Microsoft Forms in Office 365?

Microsoft Forms in Office 365 lets you create a variety of forms for personal, business, and educational purposes. But you do need a paid subscription to access MS Suite programs in Microsoft 365.

You can access Microsoft Forms in four ways:

• Via web browser

• OneDrive for Business

• Excel online

• OneNote online

However, please note that you need valid 365 login credentials to access the Forms program.

How are Microsoft forms used?

One of the easiest ways to use Microsoft Forms is through a web browser.

Follow these steps to get started:

• Go to the Microsoft Forms website

• Sign in with your Microsoft 365 work credentials, school credentials, or MS account

• Click New Form

• Assign a name to the form

• Select Add Question

• Choose the type of question

• Click Section to organize question sections

For choice questions:

• Enter the text for the question and each option

• Select Add Option to add more options or Add “Other” option for Other Option text

• Click the trash can button next to the option to remove it

• Select the three horizontal dots for More and Random to shuffle the options

The form is automatically saved as you create it.

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What are some alternatives to Google Forms?

If Google Forms doesn’t have the level of customization you need, you can also try these alternatives:

survey monkey

If you want to use a forms program for business purposes, like getting customer feedback or market research surveys, SurveyMonkey might be a good fit. It’s not completely free, but you get up to 10 free questions.


Are you looking for an alternative to WordPress? CaptainForm is a form plugin that features a variety of templates as well as a drag and drop editor. They also offer a free plan so you can try it out first.

Can you use Google Forms in Microsoft Teams?

Yes, it is possible to use Google Forms on Microsoft Teams. This is how you can edit some settings and start using your forms in MS Teams:

• Save the Google Form to Drive and create a copy

• Open the copy of the Google Form

• Click the Settings gear icon on the copy of the form

• Under the heading “Login required”, uncheck “Limit to 1 response”

• Click Save

• Select Share on the copy of the form

• Click the link icon and select Copy

• Go to Microsoft Teams and share the copied link

How do I convert Google Forms to Microsoft Forms?

There are many ways to move documents from G Suite to Microsoft Suite, but unfortunately, it doesn’t extend to forms. You can try third-party apps, but there is no guarantee that the data will remain intact.

Is Google Forms the same as Microsoft Forms?

Google Forms and Microsoft Forms have many of the same core features with a few key differences. Most notably, both sets of forms work well within their own office ecosystems, but not with others.

Get creative with forms

Whether you’re taking a math test for a class or getting feedback from your team, there are many ways to use a forms program. It may be a no-brainer for you to use Google or Microsoft because you choose which office suite you have, but those aren’t your only options.

Try both and see which one works best for you. You may find that some situations call for one program over another, and that’s fine too!

Do you prefer Microsoft Forms or Google Forms? Tell us why in the comments section below.

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