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God of War breaks it and is already the best PlayStation premiere on Steam | LevelUp

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PlayStation is gradually opening up to the PC market, so more and more players can enjoy its great productions. God of War landed this week on computers and, as expected, it was a huge success.

Shortly after its reveal and even before its debut, the Santa Monica game quickly climbed the list of best-selling titles on Steam. Now that it’s out, we know it was very well received by users of Valve’s platform.

Thanks to its number of active players, we know that God of War it is already the most successful launch of PlayStation on Steam. However, it should be noted that it did not exceed the initial figures of another great Sony game.

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God of War successfully debuted on Steam

PC gamers didn’t hesitate to give this game a try. God of War, which has received extremely positive reviews on Steam due to the quality of the game itself and the good work that was done on this version.

For this reason, it is not uncommon to know that the title had thousands of players in record time. According to SteamDB, the highest player peak of God of War it has been 65,356 users at the time of this writing.

Little by little the figure grew from the initial 23,246 players to the current mark. Additionally, the game has peaked at 91,801 viewers on platforms like Twitch, so it’s already one of the best PlayStation releases on PC.

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Notably God of War stayed behind Horizon Zero Dawn in terms of number of players at the time of launch on Steam. The Guerrilla game got 56,557 users compared to just over 23,000 users for the Santa Monica game. However, the trend has changed and now God of War is much more popular than Horizon.

To put this in perspective, remember that Days Gone recorded 27,450 players during its launch on Valve’s platform. so now God of War is PlayStation’s most successful debut on Steam. In addition, its player number curve has not stopped growing and, of course, we must add the figures it registered in the Epic Games Store. It remains to be seen if Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection beat their numbers when it hits PC this year.

God of War was very well received on Steam

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You can play God of War on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC. Look for more news about the franchise and its next installment at this link.

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