Tuesday, October 4

Gen X Games releases 50 Mysterious Cases of Sherlock • Console and Board

A solution to end boredom. This is how Gen X Games defines one of its first novelties of the year: 50 Mysterious Cases of Sherlock. It consists of 50 cards, with different family challenges.


50 Mysterious Cases of Sherlock can be enjoyed from 2 players. Suitable for ages 8 and up, it offers 20-minute games. It bears the signature of Carola Von Kessel.

Now available, at a price of 12.95 euros, it is designed to be used at home, on the road or at school, among other possibilities. The intention is to avoid improvised solutions to combat boredom, which do not always arrive. Inside the box, we find 50 cards, with their tips, tricks, tests and gameswith a very different theme.

Thus, he proposes us to continue in the footsteps of Sherlock Holmes himself, in our role as detectives. We will track criminals and analyze statements to discover who has betrayed themselves, among other possibilities. While we arrest all criminals, we will be training the brain.

Tea, Scones and Arsenic, about to see the light

Along with this announcement, Gen X Games confirms as Tea, Scones and Arsenic It is already in the reservation phase, with a launch scheduled for January 20. In this case, the family character is combined with chance, strategy, reflection and bluffing.

As members of an old aristocratic family, we will compete for the inheritance of our rich uncle. The event will have tea and also some delicious pastries. Fortunately or unfortunately, greed has turned them into arsenic-poisoned cookies.

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This is a ‘party’ of 1 to 6 players, 15 minutes, recommended from 7 years. Created and illustrated by Pascal Boucher, it is presented in a metal box.


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