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“For when Spider-Man?”, Steam players ask for the title on PC | LevelUp

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God of War had an excellent launch on platforms like Steam after its recent arrival on PC. Gamers are hoping that Sony sees this as a good sign to release other big titles that remain console exclusives, including Marvel’s Spider-Man.

The popularity of the superhero is undeniable and has increased a lot recently, so there are fans hoping to see at least the PlayStation 4 installment on PC at some point. Some of them took advantage of the success of God of War to ask Sony to make this dream come true.

So they used the reviews of God of War on Steam to show your interest in Marvel’s Spider-Man and other large productions in the hands of the company.

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Steam users dream of seeing Marvel’s Spider-Man and PC

It is no secret to anyone that Marvel’s Spider-Man It is one of the most successful exclusives in the history of PS4 and PlayStation in general. Estimates from long ago revealed that the title has already exceeded 20 million units sold.

Its commercial success and the popularity of its protagonist makes even users of other platforms want to have the title in their hands. This became more than evident in the reviews of God of War on Steam, where users asked Sony to bring the arachnid adventure to PC.

The community not only praised the Santa Monica game, but also expressed their desire to be able to play other PlayStation Studios titles. Several players mentioned Marvel’s Spider-Man and there was no lack of the fan who also asked Bloodborne.

Although clues have emerged about a possible version of the FromSoftware game for PC, everything has remained mere rumours. However, the case of Marvel’s Spider-Man It seems totally different, because we have not had any kind of indication about it.

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Despite this, it is a fact that PlayStation and Sony are increasingly interested in PC gaming, so it is only a matter of time before other great console exclusives come to PC. the next ones will be Uncharted 4 Y Uncharted: The Lost Legacy.

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Marvel’s Spider-Man it can be played on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. Look for all the news related to the franchise at this link.

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