Monday, June 27

Dying Light 2 will receive post-launch content for at least five years

Today, developer Techland has announced that Dying Light 2 Stay Human will receive post-launch content for at least five years after the game’s release. The type of content we can expect in the coming years includes new stories, locations, in-game events, and items.

There are no specific details beyond that at this time, nor do we know when to expect the first piece of post-launch content. However, judging by a recent Techland announcement, there’s already a lot to do when February arrives, with over 500 hours required for 100% completion.

Initially, this statement caused some confusion, leading many people to wonder if the figure only included the main campaign and not side quests, collectibles, and other activities. Techland later clarified that Dying Light 2’s story should take around 20 hours to complete, with the finalists looking to spend weeks inside the zombie-filled game.

Regardless, it looks like players will be able to spend a lot of time on Dying Light 2 at launch and for the next five years at least. The action RPG will launch for Xbox, PlayStation, and PC on February 4. Taking place 20 years after the original, it sees players looking to survive in an apocalyptic world navigate a city using parkour to avoid the lingering clutches of hordes of zombies.

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