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Days Gone: Its director considers the battle against Skizzo to be ‘terrible’

Jeff Ross, the director of Days Gone, has not hesitated to comment on numerous aspects of the game and its development since leaving Bend Studio, and now he returns to the charge to admit that, from his point of view, one of the battles against one of the bosses of the title was “terrible”.

budget limitations

Being more specific, he refers to the fight against Skizzo: “The fight against Skizzo is terrible. But we did the best we could with the systems we had. Designing an AI was really difficult. With the stealth sections we had to keep the feeling of being shot on sight, but we didn’t want to necessarily have a firefight because the player couldn’t kill them. We tried many things. This kind of thing would not have been done in a sequel. I didn’t want to do them here. I had to do them, but now we have data.”

Ross also wanted to comment that some of the pacing issues that the title suffers from were due to limitations with the game’s budget. For example, they were unable to re-record either the video footage or the voice acting.

“The video sequences and voice acting were recorded very early in development and we were tied by them. We can’t go back and re-record what we needed. The beauty of the story is that it is intertwined with the progression of the game, preventing us from cutting certain parts. For example, if a part with Boozer wasn’t very funny, we kept it to the minimum possible, but we had to connect the dots between many parts of the story and we couldn’t leave them out.”

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It was a blessing and a curse to have such a story. I hate to quote Donald Rumsfeld’s line that ‘you go to war with the army you have, not the one you want,’ but it’s true.”

We remind you that Days Gone not get a sequel and It is available for PC and PlayStation 4, allowing us to enjoy an action adventure in third and person in an open world that takes us to a zombie apocalypse. You can learn more about him by reading our review and our guide.

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