Saturday, October 1

Astroneer will have a physical edition on Switch • Console and Dashboard

Astroneer debuts on Nintendo Switch. A physical format will be added to its digital format, scheduled for February 18. Those who have not yet gotten hold of it, and are lovers of little boxes, will have to wait a few weeks for this version.


As we saw in the analysis published on the occasion of its release on PC, we are facing a ‘sandbox’ that allows us to colonize different planets. System Era Softworks, its developer, takes us back to the 25th century.

In the middle of the intergalactic era of discoveries, we will explore the space frontiers to decipher the mysteries of the universe. We will not hesitate to risk our own lives in hostile environments, in search of everything necessary to build custom baseseither surface or underground.

Building vehicles, with which to speed up exploration, is part of the possibilities, while we take advantage of the terrain to bring almost anything to life (as long as creativity allows it). It can be enjoyed cooperatively, joining or leaving the game at any time. The physical edition, which will arrive from the hand of Meridiem Games, consists of a tunic park made up of a suit and a visor.

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