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Annoying bug is ruining Monster Hunter Rise on PC; so you can avoid it | LevelUp

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Monster Hunter Rise it was very well received by PC gamers. Proof of this is that it has registered maximum peaks of more than 130,000 players on Steam. However, there is an annoying bug that is ruining the experience for many of these fans.

In various forums, including those on the Valve platform, you can read multiple comments complaining about not even being able to start the game. The reason? A bug related to saving games is causing headaches for players who just purchased the title.

While there is currently no fix as such, the good news is that Capcom is already aware of this issue. In fact, he gave some suggestions to work around the bug while working on an official patch.

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Bug prevents playing or starting Monster Hunter Rise

The error in question causes players to receive a message after installing the game and launching it for the first time. It notifies them that there are no save files and invites them to create some. The problem comes when you try, because the title does not allow it.

“Error saving” is the fatal message that players receive. This causes the game to not even be able to start, since for this you first need to have at least one save data file.

As you can imagine, the community demanded a solution from Capcom, so an official solution is expected soon. In the meantime, the study recommended users to try various things to avoid this troublesome bug.

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As of this writing, the cause of the error is still being investigated, so Capcom asked players for their patience. Below are the recommendations:

  • Please pay attention when pressing the confirm button on a controller. If the controller button icon type is 1 or 2, the default button will be A. If it is 3 or 4, the default button will be X. If it is 5, the default button will be B. You can also use the F key on the keyboard
  • Disable Steam Cloud and close Steam: go to your library in Steam, right click on Monster Hunter Rise, go to “Properties”, “General”, “Steam Cloud” and deselect the option
  • Delete the local save data of the demo version and the full version: go to the following folder C:Program Files(x86)Steamuserdata(User ID)remote and delete the folders “1446780” and “1641480” . Be careful not to delete any other folders!
  • Restart your PC

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Monster Hunter Rise is now available on Nintendo Switch and PC. Look for more news about the title at this link.

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