Tuesday, October 4

Absurdle, a Wordle copycat that changes the secret word with every try

Wordle It has become an overnight sensation among many gamers, as you will probably have discovered shortly after you use the Twitter social network and have seen strange tweets from acquaintances with a series of mysterious colored squares. Is about a puzzle game that we can play once a day from our browser and in which we must find a secret five-letter word in six attempts.

Wordlebut with a curious twist

As is often the case with any successful product, It didn’t take long for many imitators to appear, such as Wheedle, a practically identical application that allows us to play as much as we want and without the daily limitation of Wordle, although now a new contender called Absurdle which is giving a lot to talk about.

As in Wordle, there is a secret word of five letters that we have to try to guess while the game itself tells us the letters that we are getting right. But nevertheless, there’s a bit of a twist, as the title changes the word on every try we make. Of course, if we get a letter right, it will remain in the new word that we will have to guess, thus creating a more dynamic experience in which we will always be getting closer to the solution, even though it will never be the same.

The game has been designed by qntm (who also created an alternative version of Tetris called Hatetris). As you might guess, it is a completely free application that we can play as much as we want, with no daily limits and infinite number of attempts.

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