Monday, June 27

Troy Baker, the voice of Joel in The Last of Us, partners with an NFT company

Troy Baker He is one of the actors with the most presence in the world of videogames, since he has voiced characters from dozens of titles, standing out for his latest performances in The Last of Us in which he voiced Joel, though he also played Sam Drake in Uncharted 4 or to Gul’dan in World of Waarcraft, to put some of his best known performances.

Today Troy is in the news for something very different from his next participation in a video game, but has become a current issue for announce its alliance with an NFT creation company, those non-interchangeable digital “objects” that have caused so much talk in recent weeks in the world of technology and video games.

Troy posted a tweet announcing that he is going to work with Voiceverse, a company creating Voice NFT which promises to give its buyers access to a unique AI voice that they will then own forever, pointing to more than 8,888 AI-generated voice models by the end of the month.

Joel’s voice in English has caused quite a stir with this announcement, especially by his words “you can hate or you can create“that have generated a fire in social networks with hundreds of interactions criticizing the actor for his words and for his entry into the world of NFTs.

Ubisoft, Konami, or Square Enix are also interested in NFTs

The NFT have appeared for, among many other uses, to be able to become a monetizable alternative extra for video game companies. Without going any further, the creators of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 They announced that the game would have NFTs that players could buy, that they could even become characters in the game … although they eventually withdrew their proposal due to fan criticism.

They have not been the only ones to try something with the NFTs since SEGA He also acknowledges that he is experimenting with them. Konami has already released a Castlevania NFT collection, Square Enix has made a firm plea in his favor and Ubisoft has several plans in place with the NFT despite complaints from players.

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