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Troy Baker announces a project with NFT and criticizes him in networks | Levelup

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NFTs are still a topic of conversation and controversy among gamers. Troy Baker, one of the most popular voice actors in the industry, recently joined the conversation. Criticism on social networks rained down on him, as he supported non-fungible tokens and confirmed a project based on them.

The creative announced a partnership with Voiceverse NFT which, as its name implies, will bet on communication through voice NFT. Baker liked the idea, so he will collaborate to experiment and find ways to supposedly bring new tools to content creators.

This with the aim that they can “own and invest in the IP they create.” Baker defended his position and stated that “we all have a story to tell. You can hate. Or you can create ”. The announcement was not well received, so players, colleagues and social media users lashed out at it.

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Troy Baker criticized for endorsing NFTs

Voiceverse seeks to provide users with an NFT that will give them access to a voice generated by artificial intelligence, which will be a “new way of communicating” and that can be used in various types of projects, such as audio books, YouTube videos, a podcast, and so on.

The project will be available to the public later this month when Voiceverse offers 8,888 AI-generated voices. The idea did not appeal to many people who believe that this proposal alone can harm the work of voice actors, including Baker himself.

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Many criticized the creative for supporting an initiative that, in the future, could hamper everyone interested in a career in voice acting. Some people believe that Baker was irresponsible, as he is one of the most prominent and prestigious actors in the industry.

Although the actor has not revealed what his role will be in this project, some people asked him to get better information to rethink his choice. Many feel that Baker despised the creative factor in his work and that of his colleagues.

“Mate, have you read about this project? It is driven by technology that is designed to automate your work and get you fired, ”reads one of the multiple criticisms it received.

“NFTs have huge consequences. ‘You can hate or you can create’ is so petty and a middle finger to all artists who have already been negatively affected by NFTs. You’re better than this, ”said another one of his annoyed followers.

After its publication, Baker has not commented further on the matter. Meanwhile, Voiceverse used their social networks to explain in greater detail their NFT project that does not convince many.

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