Saturday, December 3

They find a version of Apex Legends for PS5 in the PlayStation database

Apex Legends is one of the most successful games of the moment. Although Respawn Entertainment’s free battle royale doesn’t have a community as large as Fortnite The Call of Duty: WarzoneYes, there is a loyal public who prefers this action title from Electronic Arts. So far Xbox Series X | S and PlayStation 5 players play the Xbox One and PS4 versions in backward compatibility mode, with some technical improvements, but still no native versions. This may change very soon.

The PlayStation Game Size account, which analyzes the PlayStation Network database, has listed a PlayStation 5 version of Apex Legends with a size of 80 GB -without other types of updates-.

The 120 fps, one of the objectives of the native versions in the new consoles

Respawn confirmed last summer that their intention was to release an update for current consoles but couldn’t give a specific date. “Trust us. It is in process and we are also excited,” said the study, which assured that one of the goals was to hit 120 fps on the new consoles. “I can’t promise anything, but ‘feel’ is a central mechanic in Apex, it is a very important piece in the player experience, so this is one of the first objectives of the list. “

Right now PS5 and Xbox Series X | S users get up to 1140p resolution and stabilized frame rates, but Apex Legends does not take full advantage of its possibilities. It is expected that the native versions will reduce loading times, achieve higher resolution, 3D audio, the aforementioned 120 fps and, in the case of PlayStation 5, use the DualSense functions.

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