Sunday, September 25

The Settlers will return with a renewed image • Console and Dashboard

Ubisoft has gone one step further when it comes to The Settlers, the strategy and management game that debuted in 1993. The one that was able to initiate thousands of players in the construction of cities sets its launch date and, in addition, it is shown in a video that leaves more than one with the slime hanging.


There are not many video game sagas that can be as proud as The Settlers. With The Settlers 7 (2010) as the last major release, the gaming community always shows great affection for the series. Ubisoft, responsible from the beginning, show on video how it will look and the news that we will see. In addition, it has dated the launch, as well as the closed beta and its download for those who register.

From now on we can register for the beta, which can be downloaded on January 18. We can play it from January 20 to 24. It will offer two maps in skirmish mode to compete one against one or two against two. It will allow you to meet two of the three factions that make up the game.

The game itself, for the most clueless or for novices, proposes us to enter a beautiful medieval fantasy world. In it, we will have to build a medieval city and provide it with all the requirements of our settlers.

The thing is not only to take care of our villagers peacefully, but we will face to other factions for the conquest of new territories or for the destruction of some rival or rivals. One of the novelties is the great distinction between factions. Each one has different animations, buildings and costumes. They have also gone to great lengths to make the cities seem more alive, adding little animations to the settlers as they go about their chores.

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On the other hand, and as a most important addition, a new specialized settler has been added that will offer us things as varied as getting or trying to search for resources on the ground, robbing enemies or exploring in a faster and more efficient way. The multiplayer mode will be a reality with online options to face other users. The Settlers It will return in March, specifically on the 17th. It will be available on PC, through Ubisoft Connect and the Epic Games Store.

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