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Subject was expelled from a Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournament. for its disgusting smell | Levelup

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Bathing and taking care of your personal image may not be the only thing you need to get far in life. However, at least it will serve to prevent you from wanting to kick you out of the places you want to attend.

Don’t you believe us? Then let us tell you a story: it turns out that, as our friends from Tarreo, a subject was expelled from a tournament of Yu-Gi-Oh! for its disgusting smell. The events took place at an event of Analog Sports, one of the most important organizers of sports tournaments. Yu-Gi-Oh! in Japan.

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The subject reportedly made it to the tournament and several players quickly made complaints about his foul odor. There are even those who say that he was nauseous for a long time after the aroma of this singular subject reached his nostrils.

Now maybe if you are not familiar with Yu-Gi-Oh! It seems like an unfair decision to you, after all, what does all this have to see with the card game? Well, it turns out that since 2019 the official rules of Yu-Gi-Oh! indicate that players can be penalized if their clothes “are dirty or smell bad.”

In other words: if you want to be champion of Yu-Gi-Oh! you have to be clean and look presentable. If you want to see it like this, a good shower is already part of the goal of Konami’s card game.

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And you, what do you think about this rule? Do you think it is important that tournaments require their participants to have good hygiene or that this should be separated from the competition? Tell us in the comments.

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