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STUDY: Willyrex and Ibai among the most popular gaming streamers in the world | Levelup

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Today more than ever it is impossible to deny the importance and relevance of streamers in the video game industry. In recent years we have seen the rise of figures that capture the eyes of millions of fans and are capable of creating trends. With so many content creators, it is more than obvious that there are some that stand out from the rest and top the popularity charts.

Now, what are the most popular gaming streamers and youtubers? Finding the answer can be a complex and not very obvious task, especially when we consider the various streaming platforms that exist. However, a recent study set out to discover the identity of the most relevant influencers on the network.

Specifically, the portal Currys was given the task of collecting and analyzing the volumes of searches, followers and other data to put together a top of the 20 most popular influencers within the video game ecosystem. It stands out that 25% of the figures that make an appearance on the list are from Spain.

Who are the most popular gaming streamers in the world?

According to statistics compiled by Currys, Swedish content creator PewDiePie, who currently has 133 million followers across all of his social networks, tops the list. In second place we find Ninja with 24.5 million followers, while Markiplier takes the bronze medal with 41.1 million.

For its part, VEGETTA777, the popular content creator of Minecraft Spanish, is in fourth place with 39.4 million followers, while AuronPlay, a former youtuber of hidden jokes and criticism, is in position number 5 with 29 million followers.

Next, we share the list of the 20 most popular video game streamers:

Image via Currys
  • 1.- PewDiePie
  • 2.- Ninja
  • 3.- Markiplier
  • 4.- VEGETTA777
  • 5.- AuronPlay
  • 6.- jacksepticeye
  • 7.- DanTDM
  • 8.- Mikecrack
  • 9.- Willyrex
  • 10.- Tfue
  • 11.-Techno Gamerz
  • 12.- LazarBeam
  • 13.- Ibai
  • 14.- tommyinnit
  • 15.- FGTeeV
  • 16.- SSundee
  • 17.- shroud
  • 18.- bugha
  • 19.- Mongraal
  • 20.- NICKMERCS

As we can see, 5 Spanish personalities appear at the top: VEGETTA777, AuronPlay, Mikecrak, Willyrex and Ibai Llanos. In this way, we can deduce that 25% of the most popular gaming streamers on the planet are of Spanish origin.

Another interesting fact is that, for some reason, the vast majority of content creators that make an appearance on the list prefer to play on PC, so only PewDiePie and FGTeeV go for mobile or console.

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But tell us, are you surprised by the results of this study? Do you follow any of the streamers that appear on the list? Let us read you in the comments.

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