Wednesday, September 28

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin will occupy about 70 GB on PS5

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin was one of the most surprising announcements of 2021, a game that did not have a very positive reception among players after the problems that surrounded the demo in which we were allowed to play for the first time this title developed by Team Ninja who bet for a Souls-style formula.

There are only a couple of months left for the game to come out On sale March 18 for PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S And, of course, as we get closer to its release date we are getting to know new details of the title such as the free storage space you need on PlayStation 5.

According to PlayStation Game Size, a very popular account that shows the “weight” of many PlayStation games, the download of Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin weigh 71,505 GB without the release day patch. So that we can enjoy the game on time even if we have a slow connection we can start download on March 13. Also, remember that on March 15th those who have the title reserved digitally or physically will be able to start playing it while the rest will have to wait until March 18 to sink their teeth into it.

New to Final Fatansy XVI in Spring

According to Jin Fujiwara, producer of the game, Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin serve to count in a different way what older veterans were able to discover in Final Fantasy 1, a story that we will return to today and that we will enjoy while we wait for news about Final Fantasy 16, the next main installment of the saga of which we will have more news next spring after delaying its development half a year due to the difficulties caused by the coronavirus.

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