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Still stuck on Metroid Dread? Nintendo gives you 5 tips so you can finish it | Levelup

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Metroid Dread It has become one of the best Switch games by offering a great challenge for all users. A couple of months have passed since its launch and since then there have been cases of users who do not know how to continue with the adventure. Because of this, Nintendo comes to the rescue and shares 5 tips that will help you escape from planet ZDR.

MercurySteam surprised the entire industry with its great work

Samus’s latest adventure premiered on October 8 and conquered fans and non-fans of the saga, who in some cases continue to suffer with certain areas of the map that do not allow them to advance.

Nintendo knows the situation very well and wants to help you finally finish the game 100%, so it shared a new video where it gives you 5 tips for Samus to complete her mission and end the threat caused by Pico de Cuervo de Once for all.

Here you can see it:

As you could see, if you still don’t know how to progress in the story and you’ve been stuck somewhere for a long time, you’d better follow the company’s tips and look for secret passageways, be careful with dangerous environments, take advantage of every aspect of the map, use the counterattack at the right time and use free fire, which will make important battles easier for you.

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We remind you that Metroid Dread It won the award for Best Action and Adventure game at the past The Game Awards 2021, so it undoubtedly established itself as one of the best titles in the saga.

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