Friday, September 30

Stage 12 of the Dakar Rally, live

Ahe rode Rally Dakar 2022. The stage 12, the last, between Bisha and Jeddah. It is only 163 kilometers with little room for surprise. In cars, Nasser Al-Attiyah he must walk until his fourth triumph. On motorcycles, Sam Sunderland, something similar towards the second.

6:48: Santolino says goodbye

This is how the one from Guijuelo left to the final stage

6:46: Sunderland reappears

Relief for Sam and the KTM group. It already appears at km 81. At 2:16 from Quintanilla. He left another minute, but he still has a margin. Uff

6:43: Santolino, at his own pace

Lorenzo passes at 1:04 from Quintanilla at the first checkpoint. Good start


Eye. That there may be surprise. The first arrive at km 81 and Sam’s time does not come out. It better be a GPS failure. Quintanilla, to his own: go first. And with more income. To Walkner, and exactly 3 minutes (18 seconds more)

6:36 AM: The starting grid

They start one by one, but it looks like the start of a speed competition on a circuit

6:31: Price, idol of the ‘motards’

Even the ‘modest’ want a ‘selfie’ with the three-time champion. It is not for less. Toby goes back and can win the stage

6:26: The last review

Last time they study the ‘road book’. Here, De Soultrait

6:22: Sale Barreda

Joan already only aspires to keep the ‘top 5’. A shame He endured the pain from his broken left clavicle. Much merit without the deserved reward

6:18: A lot of Sainz and a lot of Audi

Analysis of the debut of the German brand by Enrique Naranjo: A lot of Sainz and a lot of Audi

6:16: Santolino left

Lorenzo has almost impossible the ‘top 10’. A shame because his Dakar has been quite good with his Sherco

6:15: Walkner, times

The Austrian started off fatal. 2:42 is left with the Chilean, so his assault on the second step of the podium is complicated

6:14: Quintanilla cuts Sunderland

Pablo does what he has to do and puts Sunderland in 1:20 at the first checkpoint, the one at km 39. Sam is surpassing kilometers, but don’t trust him.

6:10: This is how Quintanilla came out

The Chilean, for all, to burn the ships. Via ASO

6:03: Klein, the best rookie

The American has been one of the sensations of the rally and will finish as the best ‘rookie’. It already sounds to arrive at an official KTM set. the future is here

5:45: Quintanilla, after the miracle

Pablo exits. He is the only one who can prevent Sunderland’s triumph. Part in a very good position, sixth, between two colleagues at Honda: Ricky Brabec and Cornejo. But you will lack space. Only possible punctures at the start, a mechanical failure or a slight loss of course could work the miracle. In addition, he must defend 23 seconds compared to Walkner to finish second

5:40: The last takeoff

The helicopter marks the start. Last flight. This is how the track will be today

5:33: Sunderland starts

Sam has everything to face to repeat the triumph of 2017. He takes 6:52 from Quintanilla, who although he goes further back, has little ground to recover

5:30: The motorcycles leave

Kevin Benavides starts. It will open the way for Sunderland, a ‘partner’ in the KTM group. All controlled by the Austrians

5:15: Seth Quintero breaks an impossible record on the Dakar

A controversial record. Via Enrique Naranjo: Seth Quintero breaks an impossible record in the Dakar

4:58: Stage times

The last day will be short. The bikes start at 5:30, with Kevin Benavides starting first and Sunderland second. The cars, at 8:00, with Carlos Sainz being the first to leave.

The stage 12 of the 2022 Dakar Rally marks the end of this edition. It will be 163 timed kilometers, enough to reduce any slight difference that could modify any position in the general classification, but a priori insufficient to change the fate of the winners … except last minute drama. The last ‘tute’ will come through the long link to Jeddah. The terrain through which these last kilometers of the Dakar 2022 will run will be mostly dirt, with some sand and a wider stretch of rocks (in the first 40 km) that can cause unwanted punctures by those who play a result. The information that the organization has offered to the participants alerts them, above all, of navigation difficulties, and dust in the initial part.

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