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SEGA is serious about NFTs and registers a trademark for a mysterious project | LevelUp

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Large companies have shown interest in NFTs and their potential applications in industry, such as the sale of collectible digital assets. SEGA confirmed in April of last year that it already had some ideas for taking advantage of the technology in the future.

Although the developer stated shortly after that she was willing to abandon NFTs in the face of possible criticism, everything indicates that she will not hesitate to at least try her luck. This as it recently registered a trademark related to its project based on non-fungible tokens.

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SEGA prepares to fully enter the NFT market

By now we know that SEGA wants to offer players digital content using blockchain technology. Everything indicates that it will take advantage of the popularity of some of its franchises to offer themed NFTs that fans can collect.

The company has not revealed all its plans for now, but a clue about it has just emerged thanks to the Japan Patent Office, where the SEGA NFT trademark was registered. This makes it clear that the developer will not stop for now and will continue with its plans.

The registration was made at the end of December last year, so details of its application have not yet been revealed. Only a logo came to light where the name of the company and the reference to non-fungible tokens can be seen.

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It is worth remembering that SEGA stated that they had not yet made a decision regarding the incorporation of NFT into their games as such. So it looks like it will be offering something similar to Konami with its token collection. Castlevania, which was not well received.

It is almost certain that we will have more information about it in the coming months, so we will have to wait to know the reaction of SEGA fans to this mysterious new project with NFT.

What is SEGA preparing for its project with NFT?

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