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PlayStation shows off the Daytona circuit in Gran Turismo 7 | Levelup

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Since the launch of Gran Turismo 6 For PlayStation 3, fans of the franchise have expected a new installment in a traditional style and although Gran Turismo Sport He had his thing, it was not to the liking of all the followers of the Polyphony Digital franchise. 2022 is the year we will finally see Gran Turismo 7 And the goal of the development team and the brand is that it meets the demands of the fans. That is why in the run-up to its debut, new material is being presented and this time it was the turn of the Daytona circuit.

Fans are counting the days until the premiere of Gran Turismo 7

After his absence in Gran Turismo Sport, the legendary Daytona circuit will be in Gran Turismo 7 and PlayStation did not miss the opportunity to present it and show the progress of the game a few weeks after its launch. The trailer shows a race at Daytona from 2 perspectives, one inside the vehicle and the other in cinematic mode, both realizing the attention to detail that has been put into delighting fans. Likewise, the material shows off the visual performance that we can expect when running. Gran Turismo 7 on a PS5, where it will show its best face thanks to the power of the console.

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Gran Turismo 7 promises a new level of realism

On the other hand, something that has surprised in this trailer of Gran Turismo 7 They are the movements that are perceived inside the vehicle, which respond to the performance of the suspension and the passage of the tires due to the irregularities of the track.

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During years, Great tourism has prided itself on being a racing simulator and the passage of time has allowed Polyphony Digital to specialize in it. In fact, it is considered that the PlayStation franchise has the most realistic details in the genre and it seems that in the case of the seventh installment we will see an important advance in that regard.

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