Thursday, December 8

Persona 6 will be exclusive to PS5 and Persona 4 Golden will come to Switch and PS4, according to rumors

Person is one of the most beloved JRPG sagas today that in Spain has grown enormously in popularity during the last years thanks to Person 5 Royal, one of the best installments of the saga and, in addition, the first that came with texts in Spanish that allow us to enjoy this saga better than ever.

ATLUS celebrated the 25th anniversary of the saga last year and has several surprises up its sleeve that have probably suffered some kind of delay due to the coronavirus and among which is Person 6, the next installment that according to a leak from well-known leaker NateTheHate, will arrive exclusively on PlayStation 5Not surprisingly, given the series’ close history with Sony consoles.

Furthermore, this well-known leaker also ensures that during 2022 let’s see how Persona 4 Golden is launched for PlayStation 4 y Nintendo Switch, something that coincides with many other rumors that have spoken of the relaunch on consoles of the PS2 game after it debuted for the first time on PC in 2021.

Atlus prepares a great game for 2022, a challenging year for study

2022 is going to be interesting for Atlus. Not for nothing they themselves qualify this as “challenging since they hope to launch “a game that will become fundamental for Atlus. We are all working hard to develop it in a way that is interesting and satisfying for everyone, so look forward to it.“, game that, probably, it is Project Re Fatnasy, one of the most ambitious projects of Atlus which will probably be joined by Persona 4 and who knows if some other installment of this saga.

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