Thursday, May 26

NVIDIA expects graphics supply to improve in second half of 2022

The 2022 It has started in the same way that 2021 ended, with a skip chips that is causing all kinds of industries to be affected and, in our case, that is quite hard to get a PS5 or XSX/S console and, above all, achieve get a graph at a price close to that recommended by the manufacturers.

This situation is not going to change overnight but nevertheless today one of the top managers of NVIDIA; Colette Kress, has been shown optimistic about availability of charts in the future, especially in the second half of this year 2022 in which he expects that there will be more GPUs on the market than currently.

We saw that the levels of the supply channels were quite low“Kress says in an interview with Tom’s Hardware.”We are working with our partners in the supply chain to increase their availability and we are feeling better about our supply situation as we move into the second half of 2022“.

Therefore, it seems that we are going to see an improvement in the availability of the graphics from the month of July, although with such a high demand of players wanting to acquire one, it will be difficult for prices to return to normal until the end of the year or until 2023, right now being one of the worst times to renew the GPU of our PC.

Intel points to chip shortage until 2023

Intel handles data similar to that of NVIDIA albeit somewhat less optimistic. For its head, Pat Gelsinger, October of last year was the worst time of shortage, although I already predicted that every quarter of 2022 there would be improvements in the availability of graphics and processors, although pointing out that “we will not have a balance between supply and demand until 2023“.

On the other hand Lisa Su, head of AMD, pointed out that as far as the console market is concerned, PS5 and XSX/S will have more units available during the second half of this year, the same period that NVIDIA points to as the beginning of the end of this “nightmare” to get us a console or a new graphics card.

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